Jim Sheen

Hi! My name is Jim Sheen and I’m the Lead Pastor of Zion’s River in Tacoma, WA…and this is “Believing for Life!”

It is my simple hope that while visiting this site you would find a moment of clarity and insight. That God would reveal a strategic vision or action moving you into His unseen possibilities.

You were designed to believe for something more than you’re currently experiencing; and perhaps, today will be the day God intervenes and reveals the next steps for you.

My highest goal at “Believing for Life” is that you would begin to believe God for what He currently holds in the unseen realm so that it would manifest in the seen. Whether you are an every day believer trying to discern God’s purposes, or a business leader, or a pastor working hard to lead your ministry, I pray that “Believing for Life can a be a tool for your unfolding journey.

Truly, you are a miracle waiting to manifest.

Currently, this site is in its infancy; but beginning from my original blogs to other equipping materials in development, I pray that your life and leadership flourish in all that God desires to bring through you!

Believing with you!

Jim Sheen