Everyday, my heart hauntingly desires to confront every societal issue on every front…like everyone else…to add my voice amongst the disenchanted throngs who desire to point all that is wrong with culture, politic, and even church…to express my muted frustration and anger at the ignorance of all.

But fortunately, to a much greater degree, I feel the tense reins of the Holy Spirit holding my tongue. I keep hearing the soft whispers of our Lord saying to me, “The Gospel of the Kingdom is not of this world. I have something better than what humanity seeks.”

Over and over again, I am brought back to the simple desires of a more innocent time. At the beginning, when the emerging church was obediently gathered in a prayer meeting, God poured out His Spirit. He drenched us in an otherworldly fire. Our Lord deposited a unity and a power that could not be handed down by human thrones. In this new “baptism of the Spirit,” we accepted a rule that could not be defined or adopted by this world—it had to be received from on high, by faith.

It is this original hope and dream I wish to sow into this moment.

We are Christians not because of our moral standing, philosophical prowess, or political weight; we are who we are because we are sustained and empowered by something that does not originate in this fallen world.  We are guided by something greater than ourselves, and we love from newly born hearts as if we have no enemies.

My simple admonition: get hungry for the Promised Spirit again!  Long for His outpouring.  Cry-out for His Presence.

The world doesn’t need another opinion; it needs hearts that have been transformed by a love and power that cannot be found in this world.

Be born-again.  Discover who you really are by believing the one who made you and died for you.  Everything will fall into place when you do.

Keep believing the promise…pray continuously…more is on its way…

I love you all!


  1. Thank you. I never viewed Church service online. But it was the most successful and inspiring service that I had ever attended. God bless.


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