I find myself in a quandary these days.  There’s so much to say and so many issues to address.

But to speak is to add to the noise and to give more fodder to those who would only desire to fuel the darkness already within.

So…allow me to share this for now…

In an age where fears run deep and hearts have grown cold, we seem to find comfort not in bringing peace, but in inflicting pain on others that they might know our pain.

Am I being overly dramatic?  Perhaps.  But, it is true that many feel hope slipping through their fingers…and so they lash out believing the abuse of others is justified.

To those who would hold onto their faith, I would say, press in.  Continue to be a light in the midst of storm-filled skies.  Resist the urge to prophesy from the dark places.  You are God’s love in the world.

See the truth—a tree will be known by its fruit. It really is that simple. Be honest. If the fruit is rotten, then the tree must change before others can be fed.


  1. Amen you are so right, and I believe that if we hold onto our faith nothing can interfere treat the darkness with light and it will work every time just about! I pray everyone stays safe and don’t focus on negativity

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