It’s not that God isn’t there; it’s that we’re not always listening.

I know you’ve been there.  I’ve been there.  It’s part of the human process of believing.

No one likes to admit it.  We would be seen as less spiritual—less mature.  But, this is the work of growing in our faith…hearing God and yielding by our faith.

It’s hard to accept; but as it is with anything else in life, growth in the supernatural doesn’t happen automatically. You got to work at it to see results. The supernatural is not natural.  It goes beyond our natural perceptions.  We not only have to believe in what we cannot see, we also have to engage in what our senses are not naturally attune to.

And what about miracles?  Yes…it’s the same thing.

I call this maturing in the supernatural.

If you do not exercise your faith in the miraculous, you will not see growth in the miraculous.

On October 20th @ 7 PM, join me in person or LIVE on all of our Zion’s River platforms (Facebook, Website, YouTube, and our App) for a 90-minute teaching session on, “Maturing in the Supernatural.” I’m sure it will challenge us all as we seek to grow in what we see in scripture.

I’ll see ya then.


  1. I am looking forward to The 72 coming up on 20th; I’m hungry for this teaching! I was just reading in Luke 9, where Jesus “called the twelve together and gave them power and authority over all demons and to cure diseases, and he sent them out to proclaim the kingdom of God and to heal”. I want my life to reflect THIS!!! Everyday!!!

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  2. What does it mean to “exercise our faith?” I think we ought to stop using this expression? To exercise something one must already have. Yet faith is not something we are born with. And even the tiniest amount produces such miraculous glory filled moments. Being that we “place” it (hope) in the Truth and not just blindly “following”. Would it not more like “excavating?” Like “gold panning?” As we meditate on the word; when we wake up, after laying down, in the noon time. All through the day, spending time with Jesus because we have arrived at the Truth. That “mineral, a deposit”. Not something to be exercised but something to be “saved up and spent”. Something that’s more precious than gold. Faith. Love it pastor. Thanks for the sharpening.

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