There’s nothing like a vacation to refresh and refocus…to give your mind a break from the onslaught of life and work!  Right?!

Wow…we had so much fun…

My son got engaged…played with the grandkids…frolicked in the river…hiked in the forests…talked and laughed by the (propane) fire…walked through beautiful golf courses and vinyard…and pondered life by glassy ponds. WE DID LIFE!

Obviously, while we were having fun out there, I’ve not been here.

For now, I just wanted to say how much your support means to my wife and me.  Without, your prayers, attentiveness and sacrificial giving, we would not be able to share what the Lord has given to us.  Please know that your partnership with us is preparing the way for the Lord to bring THE MORE of His Kingdom.  Thank you!

On another note, be watching your emails, tomorrow.  I’ll be sending you a new teaching on “Preparing for REVIVAL.”  Don’t miss this one. I believe it will give you fresh insight into the kind of church culture that receives the End-Time outpouring of God’s Spirit.  In the article, I’ll be giving you seven strategic lifestyle choices that will make the ground you’re standing on, a joy for the Lord to fill with His miraculous power and presence.

May the Lord bring His loving reign like we’ve never seen before.

With great love for you all…


  1. So glad you and the family got to get away. Refreshment is GOOD stuff!
    Looking forward to that email; I always look forward to hear/receive/apply the next(s) leading coming from you and all the Pastorial/Elder team of Zion’s River. Grateful for you all!

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    1. So happy for you and your family to go on a trip! Love the beautiful photos! It always nice to get away and experience God’s beautiful surroundings! Enjoy the rest of your trip!

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  2. Super cool! Glad you guys got to “get away” from the everyday “city” life. Always wonderful getting to “detach” from the “ordinary” no matter who. We love you guys! Praise Jesus for creating you. And everyone for that matter.

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