Ok…I had to post this. She is so stinkin’ CUTE!

I don’t know if it’s obvious in the pic, but my dog is just coming home from the groomers. I wish I could say the trip is her most favorite thing to do, but I would be telling a big fat lie. She HATES it!

She shakes. She pants. She’s simply afraid!

I hate watching her go through the trauma, but the drama of the process produces such a beautiful puppy…wouldn’t you agree?!

But her pic made me ponder. Repentance is not much different. It can feel gut wrenching…even painful. We don’t like it. We don’t want to go through it. We may even be afraid of the process. But, if we don’t go regularly go through it, the beauty of who we truly are will always be masked.

A quick encouragement for your day: repentance is good. Come to the Lord. Let Him see all the matted hair…the stinky breath…and the out of control nails. Let Him groom you into the best of who you are.

And when you do, true joy will be yours.


  1. A good reminder for us all; trauma’s of life are intended to actually have a full affect which draws out something lovely. And like William said, repentance makes way for transformation.


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