Do you see those footprints in the sand?

My wife and I placed those there.

It doesn’t get much better than that, does it?!

It’s from one the most romantic places in all the earth—the Island of Kaui! In fact, that beach is my all time favorite anywhere…at least, anywhere I’ve been!

The beach sits just outside a resort on the southern shore of the island. It’s perfection—the the sun…the sand…the wind…the water…the mountains in the distance. And what really tips the scales towards paradise…there were no crowds!!!

It truly felt like God provided a slice of heaven just for us!

I share this to simply say, don’t wait to live.  I know that there is work and ministry to do.  Families to build.  Missions to accomplish.  And cultural battles to navigate.  But through all the necessary sacrifices we make for the greater good, you were still called to simply enjoy life and all that God provides in it.

Please, please, please…

Find a beach or two. Enjoy what God has given. And you will find a supernatural rejuvenation for the hard work that always awaits.


  1. YES! I can’t imagine God the Father, who gave us life, not wanting us To Live Life!
    Some time back the words, “while they were on their way” (Matt 28:11 & 25:10; Acts 8:36) found meaning in my heart; isn’t INCREDIBLE to live the life we’ve been given to live AND it can include VACATIONS!

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      1. My brother just turned 70 last week. The day before his birthday he rode 180 miles on his Harley (I grew up around bikes). He rode all over Washington, enjoying all that God has created…then told myself and our sibs on a conference call all about his ride.
        Even at 70 my brother has adventures. You’re never too old😊🏍️🏞️

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  2. Love this 😊 I’m heading to my slice of Heaven on September 1st, and will be making some footprints of my own with some of my nearest and dearest. He’s promised us an abundant life 🙌🙌

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  3. Sounds so wonderful and inviting and that you and the Mrs had a great time. I on the coast with so many beautiful beaches that I take for granted. I did this christmas break and it is wonderful.


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